Why Emails Are Important for Chambers or Any Organization That Runs a Membership Management Site?

Feb 29, 2020  -  Membership Management Solution

Here's the dilemma we hear about all of the time...

My member at X doesn't want to provide their email address with us because they're concerned about privacy, what now?

Have you ever understood one thing online, the word, "PRIVACY" comes into play quite often... Well here within JagSuite, we have a solution to everyday issues that arise no matter the instance, guess what that is for you to instill within your members/potential members that are inside your membership database...


Then when you're wanting to really push it so they can feel comfortable, they're able to mark all of the following as "PRIVATE", yes this means it's private and do NOT USE anywhere but within the system for communications to the member from the super administrators:


Now, when they're in question, feel free to remind them, "You're in control of your own privacy of your data that's important to you!" 

The biggest issue of importance for you is communications, we need to communicate with our clients, members or whatever you call them...

The way you can look and say this to your client would be to show an example, "If you're on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Angie's List, or any other online service provider you have to provide an email address to them for communications of notifications, billing, and etc... We are in a digital age that helps streamline our communications process!"

Another idea is to stipulate, "We've transitioned into knowing that our communications are important along with your privacy, we would like to ensure to you that your privacy is WAY MORE important than you may think, so we are taking all precautions to support the securing of your data through our provider Jag Journey, LLC using their JagSuite Solution for our goals!"

If you need more ammunition and ideas, and most of all a privacy policy in place, let us know below in the Contact Form!

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