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Events and Sponsorships Made Too Easy

Feb 18, 2019  -  Events | Business

Have you ever wondered what your engagement level is for your chamber members when it comes to events and sponsorships?

With the Jag event module, you can literally see every engagement, attendee and track members interest for past events so that you can keep their interest in the event and other like events.

I built a TRC (Total Resource Campaign) fast and easy using the drag and drop module.  Want to give them a logo on the event page? Just select the box and your member's preloaded logo will appear without you having to go back and manually enter it. Want to share your TRC and fundraisers with your social media audiences? Use Jag SocialShare no need to copy and paste for all the media sites, check the box on the build page and VOILA! Instant post.

My event sign-ups have doubled. The process is simple for members and non-members to sign up and attend an event. They can pay online or choose offline payment, although I recommend keeping your payments online as it is the wave of the future and most companies are now used to this process. We all have corporate cards and are able to make those decisions when attending networking events, workshops, luncheons, symposiums, and educational programs. Company culture these days encourages and inspires professional growth in their staff. The chamber provides those resources to our members and the business community at large. winncomm-events

We are always looking at ways to increase our attendance and member engagement for the programs that we sponsor. With the Jag system, it streamlines the process, payments are processed the same day and show up in QuickBooks automatically because of the integration. Wondering what the credit card fee is? Well, Jag separates that for you, so you know your ticket price and the amount paid in fees.

I have a VERY active chamber membership. Over 70% of our members attend one or more events a year! That is almost unheard of. I now have members that in the past have not been active who have been reactivated and want to take a more proactive approach. Sometimes all a chamber needs is a refresh to get things jumping again. Thankfully, we had WinnComm, LLC step in and help us make this happen at a fraction of the cost and time with their Jag Suite Solution for the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce!

On the backend of Jag we can create our events, set the prices and give descriptions, decide if it has sponsor opportunities, tickets, raffles etc… you can even have your attendees choose their menu options when your having your annual Gala or Awards dinner etc… makes it easy when securing your catering needs and printing out place cards. Why do we want to work harder? We don’t! That is why I recommend the Jag program. No need to use Eventbrite, Brown Paper Tickets or some of those other third-party systems that charge you money, taking valuable revenue from your event budget, when you can do it all through your existing program.


Tired of excel sheets and importing and exporting and using comparisons all to accomplish what you need to prepare for your event? Take advantage of the Jag event and sponsorship module and find yourself on the beach, drinking a mai tai knowing that everything is handled, the staff is content, the board, and events committee are happy and you did not work yourself into a whirlwind. Concentrate on the details of the day knowing that your attendees and sponsors are happy.

Have any questions, just ask me! Yes, I’m a partner of Jag but I’m also a user. I’ve transferred two Chambers from ChamberMaster and I couldn’t be happier with the new system! I mean. I knew what frustrated me and with my input, WinnComm has built the best Chamber solution, bar none. Remember, there is trust amongst us Chamber CEO’s and I value that! Just let me know if you’re ready to experience the Jag difference! The first step is to secure your DEMO today with JagChamber here at the DEMO Request form on the site!

Yours truly,
Julia Jordan
West Seattle Chamber

PS Also note, the meal tickets are apart of this platform too... Yes, it's limitless, stop procrastinating and let's get you on board ASAP before the rates surge!