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My Jag Experience - Julia Jordan CEO West Seattle Chamber of Commerce

Feb 17, 2019  -  Business

Last year I was dissatisfied with my CMS and membership provider but there wasn’t a solution out there that delivered what I wanted for my members. I dealt with what I had but every day I grew more frustrated as my members were having too much trouble by simply logging in, my site was constantly down and there were often technical difficulties.

A few months into the year, a new member prospect, Jim Couts, a founding partner of WinnComm LLC, and I sit down to talk about our chamber and see if what we offered aligned with his company mission and vision. He bluntly tells me "Dude, your website sucks!" and to that, I said "Yes, yes it does, and 1985 was calling and wanted their logo back! And what’s worse is that the data system we use is antiquated. I want more for my members."

board-winncommWinnComm became a valued member of my chamber and together, we started building the Jag system. Everything is custom from the ground up. The new custom site, rebrand, and refresh that gave the chamber a new lease on life. Coupled with an amazing CMS system that eliminated the need for Eventbrite, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Survey Monkey, member management services and an added bonus is that Jag integrates fully with QuickBooks online. You heard me right! The system we built does it all! Tracks your analytics, opens and subscribers, member engagements and members have the ability to connect the blogs, jobs, events and press releases they make in their member portal to share with Jagsocial. It’s like Hootsuite on steroids!  The best part is these things are part of our services to our members. No additional cost just adding to the VOI (value on investment). The only thing it doesn't do is make a cup of coffee! 

At its inception, Jag was already light years ahead of its "so-called" competitors. Now, it is unstoppable! There isn’t a solution or program out there that touches what Jag can do. I have been on the Jag Framework for two (2) chambers now and I’m here to tell you, it’s only gotten better over time. The system even bills your members automatically! No more fumbling with trying to figure out who’s due and who’s not. Always frustrating and time-consuming. We need to be engaging our members and giving them a reason to stay with us rather than billing and chasing money.

The sponsorship module is customized for every event including your TRC campaigns (Total resource campaigns). I can’t say enough about this program.

Jag is life-changing for a busy chamber CEO and their staff, trust me. I love it and use it every day. From a chamber CEO’s perspective, this CMS is ALL you need to run your chamber, every day and in every way, from anywhere. Whether you have a full staff and thousands of members or are a 1-2 person operation with only a few hundred members Jag makes it possible to be effective and will save your chamber money. I am saving my chamber over $2,400 this year alone!

JagChamber powered by WinnComm can customize your entire system fast, affordable and provide you with solutions that keep your chamber relevant. We as an industry need to stay relevant to increase our retention and expand our membership. Need additional non-dues revenue? Jag can help you with that too. Custom ads and an ecommerce feature that your members can use for their products for a nominal fee.

Don’t believe me? Schedule a no cost, no obligation demo and you too can see for yourself, the Jag difference! I don’t say all of this because I’m a partner of Jag. I say all of this because it’s the truth. I would never steer my colleagues wrong. It isn’t my style!

Julia Jordan,
West Seattle Chamber

P.S. I promise you won’t regret scheduling a demo. The backend is sleek and beautiful compared to anything on the market. See for yourself, and experience the Jag difference! I don’t say all of this because I’m a partner of Jag. I say all of this because it’s the truth. I would never steer my colleagues wrong. It isn’t my style and will go against my ethics! preprocess