Jag Journey Reveals Rebranding: JagChamber Now Known as Lynxsom

Aug 19, 2023  -  Business | News & Updates | Membership Management Solution | Releases

Rebranding Revolution

Jag Journey, creators of the CRM software, JagChamber, announced their rebranding near their fifth anniversary in the industry.

Jag Journey Reveals Rebranding: JagChamber Now Known as Lynxsom

yes, you read it right!

Over the past four years, Jag Journey with its CRM solution has spread its wings across half of the 50 states. But why change a name that resonates with Chambers, you may ask? Well, Jag has a perfect answer for this.

Jag Journey believes that growth isn't a one-way street. They understand that with every new Chamber joining their family, there comes a plethora of fresh and innovative ideas. And it’s these ideas and the power of connection that has triggered the initiative for this rebranding.

The Power of Connection

The term Lynxsom is not just a new name; it's an ideology that better communicates the company’s goals. Jag Journey has always aimed to create an environment where connections are not just established but nurtured. The new name, Lynxsom, is coined from the word 'Lynx', a creature that signifies the ability to "see through" things, uncover the truth, and link people together. 

Incorporating evolving ideas into their core system has always been the prime focus for Jag. They didn't want to just come out of the gates and explode; instead, they strived to build connections and learn from their partners to develop an all-encompassing CRM solution.

Stepping into the Future: The Dawn of Lynxsom

With the approach of its fifth birthday in October of this year, Jag Journey saw an opportunity to give it a fresh look. This leap of faith into rebranding its name to Lynxsom underscores Jag’s commitment not just to its growth, but also to understanding and implementing the unique ideas brought forth by new partners.
Will this rebranding have an impact on their client services? No, because while the look and name may have changed, the ethos and commitment of Jag Journey remains unwavering.